Medical Expense Deductions in Unusual Circumstances


Do any of these deductions apply to you?

On occasion, clients will have certain medical expenses that seem obscure on the surface, but are in fact tax deductible. Some of these deductions might surprise you, but they may also apply to you and your unique circumstances. They include:

•     Lasik eye surgery.

•     Prescribed herbal supplements for migraine headaches.

•     Hearing-aid batteries.

•     Wigs for those dealing with hair loss.

•     Costs associated with buying, training and maintaining a guide dog.

•     Breast pumps.

•     Remedial reading for dyslexic children.

•     In-vitro fertilization treatments.

•     New home siding if previous siding had mold that impacted the health of the homeowner.

•     The cost difference between a gluten-free diet and a non-gluten-free diet.

•     A swimming pool for treating an injury/illness.

•     Home improvements benefitting someone with a disability.

•     Pregnancy tests.

•     Hormone therapy medications.

•     Body scans.

•     Prescribed mattress for those with back troubles or a sleeping disorder.

•     Smoking cessation medication/programs.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and all of these deductions are restrictive to certain circumstances. Even if you believe you are eligible for one or more of these deductions, it’s important to consult with me so we can determine whether they apply to you and your particular situation. In order to deduct your medical expenses, you must first be able to itemize, and secondly your out-of-pocket and unreimbursed expenses must exceed 10% of your income (7.5% if over 65 years old, until December 31, 2016).