Introducing Intuit Link!

Happy New Year! Guess what time of the year it is?

As always, let me express my sincere thanks for the opportunity to assist with your income tax preparation needs.  I truly appreciate your continued business. 

Taxlink is now accepting appointments for the 2016 tax season, and we request that you do not delay making your appointment, dropping-off, mailing or electronically submitting your tax documents. We will be able to start preparing returns as early as the middle of January, however, we will not be able to e-file until January 19th, 2016. This of course is contingent on whether or not the IRS has approved all forms for submission by that date.

For the 2016 tax season, we are testing a new way of exchanging information with our clients. In the next day or so you will receive an invitation from Taxlink to sign up for Intuit Link. Upon accepting, you will be able to share your tax documents through a secure portal. There will be a list of items requested based on the prior year tax filing, so in essence, this is your "tax organizer". We are very excited about this new tool and hope that it helps you in gathering your information and making the whole filing process simpler!

If you chose to drop-off or mail-in your tax documents this last tax season, I want to thank you for doing so.  As my business model has evolved, it has become more efficient to serve a portion of my clients by having them drop-off or mail-in tax documents.  I will still be meeting with clients in 2016, but the size of my client base and the length of tax season does not allow for in-office appointments with everyone.  If you are still unsure of a drop-off or mail-in option, please call us to discuss it and whether an in-office appointment would still work best for your situation. 

Thank you all for your referrals. While we are at max capacity and only accept a few new clients a year, we do so only from our client’s referrals. Please let your referral know that they need to make their appointment by February 5th.

Important Dates and Items

***In accordance with the ACA (Affordable Care Act), you should receive a Form 1095A, B or C from your employer and/or health insurance provider and submit this with your tax documents to Taxlink.***

***If Taxlink is preparing your 1099s or household employee W2s, please submit this information no later than January 20th, 2016.***

January 15, 2016
Individual Q4-2014 Estimated Payments due
January 23, 2016
Tax Season officially begins!
January 31, 2016
All tax forms (W2s, 1099s, etc) should be sent out
February 15, 2016     
All corporate/partnership/LLC clients should have tax information to Taxlink for timely filing
March 15, 2016
All corporate tax returns due, or 6-month extensions due
April 18, 2016
All individual tax returns and partnership/LLC tax returns due, or 6-month extension due. Individual Q1-2016 Estimated Payments due.