The Rise of Identity Theft and Tax Scams - Part Four

IRS Relaunches IP PIN Tool
Things to keep in mind if you were a victim of identity theft

The IRS has relaunched the Get an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) tool with a stronger authentication process to help protect taxpayers. An IP PIN is given to taxpayers who are confirmed identity theft victims and to certain taxpayers who opt into the program. The six-digit IP PIN adds an additional layer of protection for the social security number.

The relaunched tool uses a multi-factor authentication process that will help prevent automated attacks. If you are a confirmed identity theft victim or have opted into this program, keep an eye out for an IP PIN notice in the mail. Also, remember to provide Taxlink with this notice when you receive it.

In addition, if you were or believe you may have been a victim of identity theft in 2016, here are some tips to help you prepare for the next tax season:

•    Check credit reports.

•    If you moved, be sure to file your change of address with the IRS using Form 8822.

•    File early in 2017.