Reasons to Stick With a Tax Pro

Having a tax pro saves you time and money

Like it or not, tax season comes around each and every year. And with it comes annual changes to the tax law, making it more and more complicated. Therefore, it’s important to rely on a tax professional to guide you through filing your taxes. This not only saves you time, but also money.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you year after year. Below, I’ve detailed some of the reasons why it’s important to stick with a tax professional rather than self-preparing your return.

You Save Money

Tax professionals are educated on the various deductions that you can take on your return. Spotting even the tiniest deduction can save you big money on your return and get you the largest refund possible.

You Save Time

It goes without saying—time is money. Some returns can take countless hours to calculate. Save yourself the hassle of preparing your own return by turning to an expert.

The Tax Code is Tricky

The tax law is in a state of flux. With more changes on the horizon, it’s important to rely on the services of a tax professional whose job it is to stay current and informed on all the changes.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

Ensuring that your return has the proper deductions and is calculated accurately is your tax professional’s job. Incorrect reporting of deductions or income can create substantial financial and legal implications. Avoid your chances of audit by using a tax professional.

I Can Help You Make Tax-Saving Decisions

By turning to the services of a tax professional, you’re able to receive tax-saving advice through­out the year. I’m here to work with you through tax season and beyond.

Protection From Audits

If you receive a letter from the IRS or find out that you’re being audited, you can always turn to your tax professional for expert advice on how to resolve the issue. This keeps you secure and properly represented.

As always, I’m here to help, and look forward to serving you.