Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

In order to keep your best interests in mind, for the last few years, Taxlink has been accepting very few new clients. The only new clients we do accept are those that are referred, and even then, sometimes we cannot accommodate referrals. I have reduced my time to meet with clients so that I can devote the optimal attention to my client’s specific tax needs. I have also hired more support staff to assist me with this. Although I would love to meet with each and every one of you, most of my clients either upload, drop off or mail-in their tax information.  Some of you may wonder what exactly happens after that!


After we log in your information, our team of tax analyst folks get busy. This team consist of a CPA, an EA and a bookkeeper, who enter the information you provide into our tax program. They often work together in tandem to make sure everything is in the right place. 

Then, the return comes to me. I review EVERY SINGLE RETURN, and determine what additional information we need, or if any additional tax saving options are available. I prepare a list of initial questions and then…

You receive that phone call from Sharon! (This is Sharon’s 11th year at Taxlink and I am so lucky to have her!) Sharon is a certified tax return preparer and completes IRS mandated continuing education credits each year. After Sharon goes through the initial questions, the return comes back to me.

I then evaluate whether or not we need any further information to complete the return. Sometimes we are missing information and need to wait, so there may be more correspondence from either Sharon or (usually in the case of bad news) myself. But if everything is there, I give my blessing and the return is printed and ready to be e-filed.

Over the last few years, I have found that this teamwork approach was basically resolving the amount of errors that can occur. You have the privilege of two or more eyes looking at the return which not only helps with reducing errors, but also ensures time is being taken to think about every single tax saving option available to you. This makes me very happy, and I hope it makes you happy too!

PS. For more information on uploading your documents to our secure Intuit Link, please contact my staff at 773.549.5100